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  • Aerodynamics is not convincing. the unit falling from the sky when the engines of

  • I had in mind a very similar concept... Nice job guys

  • There is only about 90 degrees tilt, most gimbals can do more, but there are few other ways.

  • Better be inexpensive as there is not much to it. Quite interesting though.

  • Harnessing wind energy to gain lift while hovering is clever. The entire platform does move a lot. Looks like it may be challenging to get an existing gimbal on this. Have you tried?

  • Hi John

    well a bird have just wings, stabilizers and body so there is not a lot to "play" with.

    But this combinations makes it a great unique VTOL that do great on conditions when other VTOL fail.

  • Developer

    Granted, this one has a certain degree of novelty to it. But it still feels like someone having just discovered the wheel and trying to patent all the different ways you can mount it to a frame.

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