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  • Developer

    I've just merged this into master so it'll go out with AC3.1-rc6 within a week.  Bill, if you could give it a look and make sure I haven't messed anything up with the merge that would be great.

    Ideally I'd like to include a page in the wiki on how to set-up one of these including building or buying the frame etc.  We also have a software-in-the-loop simulator that could be extended to include a virtual single-copter so that we know if new changes will break it or not.  ... anyway, if you or some of your students are looking for projects..

  • Andrew, waiting for your good news

  • Thank you Bill

  • OK, channel 1 is front , channel 2 is right, channel 3 is back, channel 4 is left. channel 7 is motor.

    you can configure your trim and direction of servos with a series of parameters with the Prefix of ss1, ss2, ss3 and ss4. 

    Good luck and enjoy it!


  • Hello I want to try Singlecopter. You tell me where to connect the servos? Sorry for my bad English

  • Cool. Good start of VTOL (V-Bat) for ArduCopter environment.

  • Developer

    Sorry, i have to say it again but ..really, really impressive.  It's a great contribution to arducopter as well!

  • Yes, Randy, it is my pull request. Thank you all.

  • Developer

    Really great!  Is this your pull request here?  I've got a bunch of trad heli merges to do but I'll try and do a review in the next couple of weeks.

  • Cool looking machine!  I'm curious what the cost, flight time, and other variables that came into play into your design.

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