A new wing design

I've been working on a new wing. The price of tooling is a killer!3689517938?profile=original

It's tested and I'm very happy with the results, just think about what might be the most effective version and what to put our efforts into if at all. All designed in Rhino CAD and Solid Works so mods are no problem.

We have two build options a carbon fiber/glass version and foam version. 2 Factories have expressed interest.

Propulsion Electric , 2 control surfaces
Empty weight TBA
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (~2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy TBA
Payload area Total 10 l 
Cruise speed TBA kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed TBA kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C


Propulsion Electric / Petrol, 6 control surfaces
MTOW 17 kg
Empty weight 7 kg
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy 10kg
Payload area Total 16 l 
Cruise speed 108 kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed 140 kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C
Build material Carbon fiber / CF




Any comments are welcome.

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    All the software he used is in the post

  • Which software did you used? Can you sent to me the drawings. I want to make a ANSYS fluent simulation. I guess, the alerion on the winglets is no necessary. When I  get the simulation I promisse to publish it. 

  • Amen, Brother.....

  • Agreed Christopher! Old school has always worked for me.

  • This isnt an aircraft that needs to be nor should it be built on the cheap. How many guys are going to put the cash into or even have use for an airframe such as this?

    These need to be hand built using jigs, and wood, and molds and composites.

    The old fashioned way.

    This isnt something that need to be a huge dense heavy hunk of foam.

    They need a light blue foam hot wire cut with light wood framework all sheeted with wood carbon kevlar and fiberglass all used in the appropriate locations and weight and orientation (very important all the misc fibers are running the right way) and then vacuum bagged and thrown in an oven to cure.

    I bet I could make one twice as strong at half the weight.

    You charge a premium for a hand built and crafted aircraft that will outlive the owner and be handed down when he passes....

    Its hard to be competitive in the small aircraft market but you give me a large build like this and all the sudden it makes sense.

    This isnt a sport aircraft for the masses. Your not going to see a bunch of guys taking turns launching each other off the roofs of SUV's.

    Once tooled up (with tools Id make myself, no 25k molds) I could probably turn out 5-10 per week. With the added bonus of being able to do some customization for each order like special equipment bays or custom cutouts for radio equipment internal "molded in" antennas, etc.

    Ive been building crashing and flying rc planes, mostly gliders, for over 30 years.

    This is how we used to do it in the olden days.....

  • Any more news on this?...its been a while since the last post

  • hi,Mario,

         How can you calulate the number:"Here's what I like: @ 17kg a low speed stall of 9.55m/s and an efficient cruise @ 6.2⁰ AOA using only 141Watts and 15.5 m/s"?

         Can you tell me? Thanks

  • Except that in in Table 6, the Eppler 387 shows better data on all points at all Re.  That is a very confusing report and a 2D theoretical aerofoil is a long way from a physical 3D flying wing.

  • http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:450812/FULLTEXT01.pdf

    phoenix airfoil have the most endurance.

  • How much is one?

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