A new wing design

I've been working on a new wing. The price of tooling is a killer!3689517938?profile=original

It's tested and I'm very happy with the results, just think about what might be the most effective version and what to put our efforts into if at all. All designed in Rhino CAD and Solid Works so mods are no problem.

We have two build options a carbon fiber/glass version and foam version. 2 Factories have expressed interest.

Propulsion Electric , 2 control surfaces
Empty weight TBA
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (~2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy TBA
Payload area Total 10 l 
Cruise speed TBA kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed TBA kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C


Propulsion Electric / Petrol, 6 control surfaces
MTOW 17 kg
Empty weight 7 kg
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy 10kg
Payload area Total 16 l 
Cruise speed 108 kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed 140 kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C
Build material Carbon fiber / CF




Any comments are welcome.

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  • I missed the link, see it now. It would be good to spend a bit of time on some of these components how handy would a VTOL drive be. Here's the other direction it can go in and they are just renders! Up and sideways.....3692700691?profile=original

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    Mario,  That is range video, I had given the link too in the same comment before the video. Nice VTOL render :).

  • We don't need the net.

    A short story (Plug!!) of the development of Aeronautical's Presidio.3 UAV aircraft wing. Includes some early aerial video and follows the development of our very young company including our teenaged pilots that assist in software development. Presidio.3 has excellent stall ability of 1:1 long range and good payload capacity. The video includes off the shelf parts and some customs parts that we have designed.

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    I found where to get the Range Video http://www.rangevideo.com/ and i do think that they have done a great job, price, parts and design all good and it has a net option just in case you’re a bad catch.

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    This is as far as we got for our VTOL study. Renders only, maybe ~13Kg's of thrust power power requirements are insane. 

  • What we got out of this was better control surfaces that enabled the existing prototype without the VTOL, to better brake on a landing it ment moving the GC back and compensating with the control surfaces this gave the wing a 1:1 gliding controlled stall and with cross winds still allowed for stable "parking" in our small area landing strip. We dumped the in wing VTOL keep it in mind as a launch only idea.

  • 3692699492?profile=originalThe last post looked like glossy BS, I’m surprised no one said anything. Here a shot of the required control surface movements as well as using off the shelf quad stabilizer. Again a bit crazy. Also purposed was a ground based power supply for launching reducing on board weight.

  • 3692699394?profile=originalThis was a crazy idea that we actually had working, using 4 small turbines running at 200%. No components were expected to last more than 4 mins and only need to function for 15 seconds at a time. The test didn’t use a wing but a platform under the wing. The idea I think still might work as a launcher that drops off the bottom of a wing. We haven’t continued testing as a turbine's sucked up components off a bench destroying everything. Bit stupid I know. We have a policy that your not allowed to say it won’t work until you prove that it won’t.

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    Beach landings also were a pain due to the very steep bank and top down perspective 

    We could land on the beach but found it more of a challenge trying to land on the beach side of the fence, some days there were also spectators just enjoying our flying spectacle.

  • One of our main aims with this design was to reduce the landing area size required. Only because of the location where we often flew. Over years of flying in the same spot without incident  and a process of elimination, chipping away at the same type of design we did achieve most of our objectives. With a main road just behind us flying over it was not an option. So we set out just fun to see what we could come up with. The wind direction is often south west coming in off the beach toward the pole. Lift drops off  completely towards the running track.

    Trying a catch the is not an option with something this size. We tried a number of models like the Range Video most of them were shredded in the Ti-trees. Only one survived!3692699523?profile=original

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