A new wing design

I've been working on a new wing. The price of tooling is a killer!3689517938?profile=original

It's tested and I'm very happy with the results, just think about what might be the most effective version and what to put our efforts into if at all. All designed in Rhino CAD and Solid Works so mods are no problem.

We have two build options a carbon fiber/glass version and foam version. 2 Factories have expressed interest.

Propulsion Electric , 2 control surfaces
Empty weight TBA
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (~2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy TBA
Payload area Total 10 l 
Cruise speed TBA kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed TBA kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C


Propulsion Electric / Petrol, 6 control surfaces
MTOW 17 kg
Empty weight 7 kg
Wing span 3.1 m
Length 1.94 m
Wing area 2.1 m2
Motor power Brushless electric 2000 watts (2.6hp)
Max payload inc. energy 10kg
Payload area Total 16 l 
Cruise speed 108 kph
Stall speed 21 kph
Max speed 140 kph
Airfoil type Aeronautical Advanced C
Build material Carbon fiber / CF




Any comments are welcome.

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  • We have not fully loaded the test model to 17kg. All the data so far seems to be within 10% of what test we have done.

    We might make some adjustments adding wing tip washout but it won't be a new version just minor changes. I am very happy with the results and excited to know what we can test now without a dark unknown. It also looks like we are getting some vortex induced lift as a result of the high sweep helping on low speed landings. Here's what I like: @ 17kg a low speed stall of 9.55m/s and an efficient cruise @ 6.2⁰ AOA using only 141Watts and 15.5 m/s


  • Nice job Mario.  How does the predicted L/D compare with reality?

  • Basic Flow Analysis & Plot.

    Figure 10: Plot form XFLR5 which provides an indication of the flow conditions at α = 3.2⁰

  • 3692786374?profile=original

  • We have a new hire John from Monash University Aerospace engineering to help answer any questions.

  • Young Josh at Aeronautical has recently got a HDR video hack working nicely using http://www.magiclantern.fm/ Magic Lantern, the results are stunning. There's an example here not by us but i think you can get the idea. http://www.magiclantern.fm/hdrvideos

  • Getting from A to B

    The second most efficient animal at moving it’s self is the albatross it can travel long distances through a process called dynamic soaring, which involves repeatedly rising into the wind and descending downward, gaining energy in the process. The albatross is aided in flight by a shoulder lock tendon which locks its wing into the fully extended position, allowing it to remain extended while using little muscle expenditure. The first is a human on a bicycle…….

  • Check out this real one http://diydrones.com/photo/the-balance?xg_source=activity

  • My rant for the day!

    One of the problems facing the UAV industry it just looks like shitty bad press everywhere.

    I started this as a special interest aerial film unit for filming nice things like birds, mountains, seals and whales but the whole industry is filled with negatives mainly due to the United States PR program that’s a joke at handing peoples anxieties regarding strike capable drones. The regulators then just react as the community’s anxieties and hysteria grow. 

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    Turbine powered Quad  :))

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