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  • ...and if so can the image quality be improved?

  • Jeff, thanks for the info.  I took a look at the specs on the GH2 and I was curious to know if it was possible to slow down the frame capture rate when taking pictures in shutter-less mode?

  • There are vibration isolators built into the Cinestar 6 which removes all unwanted frequencies resulting from the motors/props.

  • By the way if you're into full frame sensors check out the Canon 5D Mark II along with this site:

    They're doing pretty awesome stuff with it.

  • Are you able to get good quality pictures with just the OIS or do you still need some good mechanical vibration dampening?....or does this only apply to videos?

  • The GH2 has a really good OIS. However I am curious about the new 5dmk3 with the new 24 and 28 IS glass.

    I've used both the NEX5n and NEX7 and also good, but would rather use my FS100 for 1080 60P.

  • Yeah why GH2 and not nex or something else?

  • Jeff, great vids! 

    Any reason for selecting the GH2 as opposed to other SLRs?

  • Man, Jeff,  you are killing it with all of these awesome videos at great mtn locations!  (avid snowboarders here!)  Ratatat was a nice addition too. Keep it up please!

    Do you have manual control over your gimbal in these videos?  Very smooth too

  • Developer

    Sweet video, keep em coming!

    Congrats! Any active stability on board?

    If not you really don't need it!

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