A PX4 AR Drone is born

3689509073?profile=originalSharing some pics etc from my PX4FMU/AR Drone build. 

I got the AR Drone carrier to be able to fly the PX4FMU inside to test small things whenever, plus the AR Drone airframe is very well suited to packed urban environments like where I live. 

I do also plan on using the PX4FMU for other airframes, but it seemed sensible to get all the software bits working the way I want them to before I attempt to put the FC on an airframe I am unfamiliar with that may introduce it's own issues. 

The components of the build: 

AR Drone 1.0 (all control electronics and cameras removed)




uBlox LEA-6 3DR GPS 

Digi XBee Pro (will be testing different radios)

FrSky DR 4-II PPM (not in pictures, yet to arrive)

The goodies arrived in a small box: (zippo for size)


Here is the patient awaiting transplant next to the battery I will use: 


Whats in the box?! 


Just to detail some of what I did not expect: 5 -> 6 position DF13 cable included with PX4FLOW, also correct GPS cable included with PX4FMU. 

Also included stickers with PX4 logo, plus branded micro SD card and reader: 


At this stage I tested the gear I could, so after toolchain installation, setup, etc I got the latest firmware sources, built it and flashed onto PX4FMU, and then tested the PX4FLOW through QGroundControl. 

Now lets get to work, first we need space for the battery: 


Then figure out where and how to place the components + some more carving done: 


This is continued in next post as I cannot add more pics to this one :-) Co Be Continued...

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