most reliable and safest drone


I want to show you a really different drone with cable-strut tensile frame, distribute  flight control (each rotor has one),distribute batteries ,distribute sensors.  It targets on most reliable and safest use case,such as manned aircraft and/or fly over the crowd.

this is the prototype that can fly , its power-supply\control\sensors have not been fault-tolerant yet.


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  • @Thorsten  ,  the video is published.

  • Safe? Not to the ears!

  • Hopefully safe ;-)

  • my old test :)

  • This is not going to be efficient. I think 8 motors should be reliable enough.
  • T3

    @Long Zx,

    your concept sounds very interesting! Can you provide more details about hard and software? And video? :-)

    One more question: why so many rotors? 6-8 should be enough  or?

    Kind regards,


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