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  • Amen!
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    It is sad to see stupidity of few that brings disgrace to this wonderful hobby. " target="_blank">Here is follow up story in you tube. Nothing new except other aeromodellers all over the world have poured in their sympathy with some financial donations. The ar** holes must have been showing off by buzzing around her when they hit her flying too close. The speed controller failure seems to be the lamest excuse for the accident!! , this is no freak accident , it is accident going to happen whether or not it was electronics failure when you fly too close to people. these insane idiots should be tried for criminal negligence and what ever that can add few more years to it so that they realize what they have done.. . She is lucky to be alive. thank god. Hope & pray she gets well soon.
  • IC helis are scary things at the best of times, they give me the willys in the hands of good pilots, 2000+ rpm head speeds, carbon blades, lots and lots of things spinning at high RPM, the propensity for failure is very high..

    Then you throw a new/stupid or thoughtless pilot wanna be into the loop...down the local park...OMG, it only takes a split second for it all to become doomed to failure and harm to others....

    In a club enviroment with instructors, the damage on failure or wrong stick movement, is limited..what on gods green earth were they thinking!

    Sad to hear, and it deos add weight to authorities to stop us having fun through the stupidty of a few!

    Here in the UK a child was killed with an IC aircraft a couple ot years ago, on common ground..

    The pilot is now serving 8 years for involentary manslaughter.....

    not matter what that pilot did, we all know he never meant to hurt anyone,,,,but a stupid decision made with the best intentions...a life he took....will never leave him...and the loss of the poor family whos child it was....

    No words to describe..


  • What a horrific injury, however this type of person will always exist, in every activity, be it model helicopters, Karate or dog ownership.

    It is impossible to legislate against the irresponsible element, so everyone involved gets tarred with the same brush, sadly.

    Lets all hope this poor girl makes a full and speedy recovery
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    They ran away because they know they where doing wrong! At least i know that will never harm anybody with my EasyStar but helis come!
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    Big helicopters are not "Park Flyers"...
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    What cowards, lets hope they man up and turn themselves into the police. I wonder if that was the actual people involved strolling off, they were mighty casual about it. I would have been mortified.

    Gives the FAA another reason to turn the screws, I think.
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