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We're still hand-assembling these--it's a lot of work! But if they pass the beta tests, we can have the boards pre-made and just package the other parts in a bag for user assembly (it takes about an evening). Right now we're sourcing the parts to keep the price under $100. Not sure what volume we'll need, but we'll start with a couple hundred kits and see where it goes. A single BlimpDuino kits will have all the parts to create the following (the bag is the envelope and the little disc is the ground beacon):

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  • 3D Robotics
    Good question. We'll have to wait until we have this all in the hands of our production partner so we can figure out exact pricing and fulfillment issues. My sense is that the economics basically scale by orders of magnitude. Single digits have no cost savings. Double digits have small cost savings. Triple digits and above have significant cost savings but require an entirely different production process (all outsourced). If you're thinking of that last category, we should talk.
  • What sort of volume order would you need to be looking to do a bulk discounts?
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