Accepted to the Wildlife Conservation UAV Challenge

3689574260?profile=original Hello all!!  I had to step away for a couple of weeks.  We have been dealing with my father's health and I had to travel to attend his surgery.  He is in better shape and on his way to a speedy recovery I hope. I have to go help them setup some things at their house tomorrow so that he will be able to function in recovery but then I should be able to get back at it regularly.

I am really looking forward to sharing my RVJET build with all of you.  There are a few tricks that I did along the way that I will post to hopefully make your future RVJET build go smoothly.  I have yet to be able to make a maiden flight with it however.  The weather has been atrocious.  Today's high was 16 degrees Fahrenheit with snow and ice.  That has been the norm it seems this winter.    Oh yeah, I live in Texas, not Minnesota.  So this is a bit extreme.

I did receive some awesome news last week.  I am fielding a team for the WCUAV anti-poaching challenge!!!  I am really excited to be accepted into this contest.  I think that it will have some implications on work that we can do in the states as well, especially for grizzlies and wolves.  We will be detailing our plan and our design soon.  We will have plenty of room for sponsors, advisors and people to give us moral support.  I am sure that we will be using the RVJET and I am trying to decide between the Pixhawk and the Parallella board but more on that soon.  If you are interested in being a team member please feel free to let me know.  If we advance to the actual flight competition, it will be a 10 day trip to South Africa in November.  Just give me a shout.  I would love to have a person versed in 3D CAD and possibly a software engineer that specializes in camera software.

Thank you friends for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to getting back to regular flights and postings.  Happy Flying!!

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  • Thank you and that would be amazing.  Just message me and we can begin trying to coordinate efforts.  Welcome aboard!!

  • Well done Toby!
    I have past experience with 3D CAD using Rhinoceros (ironically considering the competition) and would be willing to help out!
  • Thank you :)

  • 3D Robotics


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