When doing custom integration projects with UgCS, sometimes it might not be enough to only have the video stream window displayed in UgCS client. In this article we will explain in a few steps the simple process of accessing the stream.

The Video streamer component is located in UgCS service-manager in system tray.

Video streamer can stream from connected video links or from UgCS for DJI mobile application. All connected streams are .MJPEG over HTTP.

To access a certain video stream do the following:

1. Launch UgCS. In UgCS Service-manager, located in the system tray, ensure that Video service is running.

2. Open a web browser and type in the following address:

3. If video service is OK, a list of available REST services will be displayed. Select GetStreamInfo.

4. JSON structure with a list of streams and according network ports will be displayed, if at least one video source (e.g. web-cam) is connected.

5.To access a certain stream as MJPEG over HTTP, use URL:<port>;.

The stream can be used in external software such as VLC Media Player or other.

More in-depth information can be found in UgCS Video Streamer User Guide: https://www.ugcs.com/manuals

Get the newest version of UgCS here: https://www.ugcs.com/en/ugcs_licences

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