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  • Peter, what size ESC are you using for the setup listed above?
  • Do it all the time, get rid of the brushed motor as thomas indicates. Go with a brushless motor, I use a Power 40 or Power 60 from e-flite with a 10x6 prop. Then take 2 - 3300 mah 3S Lipos and set them up in parallel (3S2P configuration this will double your ah and keep your voltage at 11.1v) and connect them up to the ESC,

    This gets me around 45-60 minutes depending on how hard I push the engine. I use a 2800 mah 3S1P battery in my JR 10SX, so I can run my radio for over 24 hrs straight of that battery without recharging.

    Make sure your ESC can handle the amps, and test the amps to make sure your ESC is rated atleast 40% above those amps to keep it cool.

    I put my ESC right under the front nose behind the firewall with a AIR Scoop to allow for better cooling. Do not put the ESC inside the aircraft, it will with out a doubt burn up.

    The 3300 mah batteries weight about 1 lb, or less. The trainer will not even know they are there with the eflite 40 running the proper prop.
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    Yes it should be, battery weight might start impacting on useful load.

    Thomas is on the right track.

    More expensive motor and better battery away you go!
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    Get rid of the brushed motor for a start. Install the most efficient brushless inrunner or outrunner (you can install either one in the engine bay) and propeller combination along with the highest capacity 3s LiPo that you can afford.

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