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  • waouh...!!! i think you can send you video to discovery chanel ..!

  • Admin
    Yes Evilmacaw you are right, but Nothing to worry or regret about. Just by using 16% Max of his brain power, look what Man has done to this earth and his fellow beings ( let alone other creatures). So God isn't crazy when he decided to give us the larger volume container but kept most of it empty/useless anyway .So Thank God :).
  • Morli ,
    you may have a valid point there but the human brain is about 2500 cc in volume while a bird has maybe 30-60cc of volume for a very large bird ( ostrich , emu or rhea )
  • Admin
    Evilmacaw you said
    "..he is small evil in an irritating way , my EVIL i keep bottled up inside my head it never sees the light .."
    and yet you wonder why birds use 100% of their brain ?! :))))) , just kidding ( could not resist it)
  • Morli ,
    you got it right only i am far more EVIL than he is , he is small evil in an irritating way , my EVIL i keep bottled up inside my head it never sees the light of day ever ;-)

    Nima K ,
    we only use 10% of capacity of our processor ,birds are different PET scans of a parrot by the name of Alex showed he was using 100% of his brain when solving a multi level problem i was saddened to learn that he died in 2007 at the age of around 50 years old if you would like to learn a bit more about bird/parrot intelligence run a search on Irene Pepperberg or the Alex foundation it will open your eyes to what nature built into a small feathered body capable of flight and speech, truly amazing ! and we are trying to do it with electronics more the fools we be but it is fun any way.
  • Admin
    Now I know why/where you got your nickname :)
  • I wonder at what clock speed the raven's DCT/EKF is running. The nonlinear response is excellent.
  • Mark Colwell,
    he is a hand raised baby originally bonded to my mother treated every one in family differently, me i was the toy he would hide behind corners and wait for me to walk past and run out to blood bite me in Achilles tendon then run away laughing and saying Ow ,Ow until i listened for the 8 claws on the tile floor and would take a rapid two step forward and listen for the "clack" of his beak missing my foot . since my mother died and i became his caretaker he has only blood bit me a few times in the last 20 years .never taught him to speak but he picked it up himself ,he even understands the use of "I" and uses it when he comes to ask for something ,he has about 250 words he uses and understands about 4000 more ,he is actually a good Macaw and now bonded to me .if he is out in the trees reachable from the house he will come when i call and if he gets away from the house he will call back when i call for him and climb down a vine or the rescue pole to me with little delay .besides how can you stay mad at him when he belly downs on your palm and falls asleep with a thumb rubbing under his wing !!! as for bite force he can shear right thru a finger bone with no trouble but it is a matter of trust between us that i give him a finger to mouth before i pick him up and while he does baby bob it and clamp down hard a bit , he is very good about not blood biting . i live alone and without him i would not be here because he knows when i get depressed and does things that may irritate me but get me out of the funk for a while .
  • Developer
    You have a very bad bird, my Charlie can draw blood but, rarely does. He lands on your shoulder and bites at neck and ear. He is not clipped but only can fly 100 yrds. He has got a lot better now that I am staying home.
    Folding penny's is scary.
  • Crow`s and Raven`s are on par with Parrots for intellect and ability to solve problems great video ROTFLMAO

    Mark Colwell
    you think a Ruby Throat Conure is bad try a 40" 4.5 Lb. Miligold Macaw for all out Attack , holding grudges and planning retaliatory Attacks a week or more later :eek: he folds pennies in half for fun and picks up a rock off the ground to sharpen his beak as he is looking up at you and walking around you just to see if you can be intimidated and i live with him ,what his is his and whats mine is his too . but my buddy is free range inside or out as he pleases when he pleases ,though i do clip him from long distance flight he can still make well over 150 yards if he needs to . he fears no man or other bird (trains all the yearling read tail hawks you dont mess with the big green/blue monster) and hates dogs major ,notched more than a few noses he is EVIL well small evil most of the time LOL
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