ADS-B decoding on an AR.Drone


"Cheap ADS-B on Amateur Drones":

Get a head start on the NASA Centennial Challenge's ADS-B requirements by plugging a $20 USB dongle into your drone and tracking nearby aircraft:

  1. Start with an AR.Drone (or other ARM-based amateur drone).
  2. Buy a $30 USB dongle.  See the rtl-sdr wiki for recommendations.
  3. Compile and install the dump1090 Mode S/ADS-B decoder software with my easy-to-use cross-compiler setup: ardrone-dump1090-cross-compiler
  4. Plug in the receiver.

And now you're decoding packets:


ADS-B sense-and-avoid is seen as critical to integrating unmanned aircraft into the National Air Space, and this is the beginning of a cheap "sense" solution.  Next up: "avoid".

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