ADXRS453 Gyros with Ultrahigh vibration rejection

I just got 3 pcs. ADXRS453 gyros from Analog Devices ( Farnell price was 100US$ for one piece.)


  I added also one ADXRS610 in the picture to compare the size of the gyros. As you can see it can be connected vertical for pitch/roll  or horizontal for yaw.This is from data sheet:

±300°/sec angular rate sensing
Ultrahigh vibration rejection: 0.01°/sec/g
Excellent 16°/hour null bias stability

Internal temperature compensation
2000 g powered shock survivability
SPI digital output with 16-bit data-word Low noise and low power 3.3 V to 5 V operation
−40°C to +105°C operation.

Rotation sensing in high vibration environments
Rotation sensing for industrial and instrumentation applications

High performance platform stabilization.

"An advanced, differential, quad sensor design rejects the influence of linear acceleration, enabling the ADXRS453 to offer high accuracy rate sensing in harsh environments where shock and vibration are present.The ADXRS453 uses an internal, continuous self-test architecture."

Specifications like ultrahigh vibration rejection and internal temperature compensation were enough to trigger a flag from 0 to 1 inside my brain. So in less than one month I will have ready one autopilot with XMEGA and this promising gyros.

I will keep you posted about results.



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  • Thanks Sergiu, seems I read too fast and on diagonal system :-) missing the important info. Anyway, it is looking great as a project and I looking forward to see the results. At least I want to try similar thing when I have time.

  • @ Dimitar Kolev: ADXRS453 have also (only) SPI interface

  • you can try also with Sensonor gyros, similar parameters and price, but with SPI interface

  • @ Sandro Benigno: the MOS transistors are rated at 100A. However to keep them below 50 deg C and because of the size of copper tracks, I'm not going more than 30A. At 10-15A, the ESC is cold (room temperature).

  • Developer

    @Sergiu, nice sandwich boards! What max current  those type2 ESCs can handle?

    Do you have it to sell? Or is it just for fun?

  • @  Sandro Benigno: I'm planing to make one AP more or less same with one I already made (see ) - the one with 3 PCB's and 2xXMEGA128A1 because I had very good results with this configuration.

    @ Randy : you are right, Analog Devices gyros are indeed very good and with ADXRS453 our hobby AP's will get as close as possible to professional  AP's,and still keeping the price low.

    @ Jan Vervoorst : Price difference between ADXRS450 and ADXRS453 is so high because ADXRS450 have "only"

    high vibration rejection and not ultrahigh vibration rejection, 25°/hour null offset stability and not 16°/hour null offset stability and is not specifically  designed for "Rotation sensing in high vibration environments",etc.

    What it matters for some serious applications, the internal continuous self test will tell you (by reading two register bits)when gyro already have some problems but still can be used (so you can still safely land your expensive camera)  also when output sent by gyro is no longer reliable.

  • @Randy

    In some ways that's an advantage. If a single axis fails, 1/3rd the cost to replace.. Im sure a 3 axis gyro wfrom AD would be 3 times the cost!!
  • Why is there a huge price difference between the ADXRS453 and the ADXRS450 when the datasheet doesn't show much difference at all? What am I missing?

  • Developer

    The Analog Devices gyros are the best as many of us know..the annoying thing is that beyond the price, they're so bulky because they still don't have a single 3 axis chip version.  Maybe it's not possible when you're focusing on the high quality.

  • Nice!

    Maybe the MK board will get an upgrade from the ADXRS610....
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