Aerial footage of Dutch fortress

I was trying out my GoPro2 and my 3DR Quad-C (APM 2.5) / ArduCopter v2.8.1 and thought the images were worth sharing, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful place.


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  • Thanks  for the clarification Steven ! Through FPV and these posted Videos we get to see what it is like in other parts of the world Have a Great Day!

  • @ Carl La France  >  it used to be a fort.

    Nice flying there!

  • You can do live streaming with the GoPros.. the GoPro 2 has a audo jack on the site while the Hero 3 uses a 10pin USB which a few of those extra pins are the composite video output.  I haven't built my cable yet but plan to.. you can buy a cable.. sells them it looks like.

  • Thanks for sharing  I know The Netherlands is the land of water and dikes what is the purpose of this particular

    unique canal structure ?Have a Great Day!

  • I never get tired of watching these videos. Nice flying and nice scenery.

    Cheers, Steve

  • Thomas,

    I don't have the live stream yet, this was ground based flying and looking up in the air. HD video recording on memory card in the camera of course. I am working on expanding to FPV which adds a whole other dimension.

  • Dany, it took a leap of faith, I must admit. But if I say that ArduCopter is a very good platform, then I must also have faith in it and try these things. Besides, a lot of water in the Netherlands, lol.

    I was very happy everything went well! It builds more confidence in the platform.

    By the way, this was not all on 1 battery.

  • Distributor

    Very beautiful indeed but it really makes me quite uncomfortable watching you flying over so much water and land! Well done, and again a beautiful place. 

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