Hey it just wanted to share some info on the new Doirdworx (thats Aeronavics in the US). Its really designed for the professional AP types, but has some really nice features like foladble booms which still retain electronic couplings. 

Today Droidworx’s  Titanium Quick Release (Ti-QR) Series has been announced to the general public. Improving significantly upon the already state of the art Titanium series multirotors, the Ti-QR series are designed with portability in mind. Compared to other manufactures, Aeronavics/Droidworx wanted to make an easily transportable multicopter capable of quick breakdown, without having to continually disconnect and reconnect electronic couplings. This approach is essential for a portable airframe avoiding the wear and tear placed on electronic connectors that other systems can suffer from over time. Of course all of this absolutely had to be achieved without sacrificing any structural integrity or integrity, which is why Droidworx spent two years designing, testing and optimizing the Ti-QR systems.

Upgrade Special:

Nothing is worse than to have just bought a product and the next moment an improved version enters the market space. Besides quality, Droidworx and ATI are all about great customer care which is why we will offer everyone who has purchased a Titanium Series craft in the past 3 months to upgrade to Ti-QR for the price difference. Contact us for more information. We will have all of the new Ti-QR series airframes, parts and components as well as our Do-it-Yourself copter builder updated in the next few days, so check back for more exciting Aeronavics byDroidworx news and announcements.

Introducing the ‘BOT’

The characterful BOT Ti-QR is a cross hybrid CX and VM – with the latest Titanium QR components. It is compact, it will pack down into a small day pack and swing up to 14” props. A serious little kit powerful enough to carry a Point and Shoot camera for 20-25 minutes and comes in under 4kg maximum take-off weight.

New Ti-QR Features

SkyJib Titanium Quick Release

Ti-QR Series

Quick Release foldaway booms without compromising electronics integrity. Complete with Titanium fasteners, secure and with future Aviation Authority airworthy certification in mind.


Battery Mounting Crash Cage

Previously mounted onto the sides of the core, our SkyJib Ti-QR have Battery Mounting directly on the crash cage, taking them out of the way of the propellers and Retractable Landing Gear. For SkyJib Ti-QR Models.

SkyJib Ti-QR Domes

Tinted & Printed Domes

Large dome with either a “dark tinted” or “carbon fiber” printed finish – this larger dome now allows a much easier fit for electronics mounting under the hood with ample room for larger ESC’s on the Droidworx power distribution board – and room for other electronics components in a safe and protected area; made from 1.5mm polycarbonate – UV stable and unbreakable.

New SkyJib Fasteners

Engine Mount Bolt Fasteners

Engine mount bolt fastening configuration with easy access for “pre-flight” safety checks and assembly.

New SkyJib Ti-QR Booms


Carbon Fiber Booms

High quality carbon fiber booms with an even finer manufacture tolerance offering a higher precision and greater strength without more weight; and an attractive new “satin carbon finish” on all the Droidworx range (including even the landing gear skids) making this the most eye-catching and highest specification craft on the market.


Titanium Components

New “titanium tint” anodized coating on all alloy parts offering a more neutral and industrial appearance.

Ti-QR nacelles

Mount Boots

New “RED” engine mount boot and boom nacelle high visibility optional enhancements in the kit.

Ti-QR Engine-Mounts

Engine Mounts

New engine mount disks designed to fit the newly emerging disk style motors on the market capable of running on higher voltages (such as 5 and 6 cell Lithium packs).  The disks now also include “captive nut slots” to hold the fastener in place.

Ti-QR Bushings

Vibration Dampeners

New quick release gear rail vibration dampener seat – made from raw unprocessed nylon and Teflon coated for smoother operation – and now also with even more precision fitting for maximum performance.

Ti-QR Bolts


New “Titanium” engine mount bolts providing maximum strength for Aviation Safety Certification.


Coax Engine Mount Shields

New engine mount shields are also included, on coaxial configurations, to offer protection to your engine wires in case of a mishap and for cosmetic appeal.


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  • Morli: Here is the link sorry I keep forgetting the important things :-)


    I received my order today from them.  Very fast and everything nice and shiny.

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    "Shouldn't they be set that way by default?"

    It is by default as such,  may be it got clicked to censor  by mistake. Cheers

  • Again apologies, I had the post settings incorrect. Was not trying to censor any comments and all have been approved. Shouldn't they be set that way by default?

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    Hmm,   so where is 50% sale ?

  • R_Lefebvre:  Very interesting. Thank you for the perspective and helpful info.

  • Well I tried to post a favorable and helpful comment here but it seems the blog owner is censoring who can or cannot post on diydrones.  I actually had some useful feedback which is a pity.

  • Actually folks (and I am in no way connected to this company) Droidworx have a very nice Spring sale at the moment with 50% off.   I just grabbed two airframes including a complete SkyJib8 V2 @ 1307.69 USD Thats everything except the electronics e.g motors props APM.   Also found high quality gloss carbon fibre booms I was looking for my other Octocopter project (17mm x 440mm) which cost me $18.68 each. So pretty darn good.  Some of the smaller QUAD  frames kits are around $450  Leave you to have a look.

  • I was just about to comment that the prices for the Droidworx seems to have come down a lot.  I thought they used to be $2000, but now it looks like a bare frame starts at $477.  But... "starts at" is the operative word.  You can't buy one for *just* $477, as you have to add important things like, arms, the dome/cage, and landing gear. LOL  So, you're back up at $2000.

    No thanks, I'd just buy a Tarot frame.  

  • Hey Austin, sorry wasn't really meant as an advert. I just basically copy/pasted a press release they sent out. Thought the people more into the pro AP side of things would be interested.

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