Citrus as a high-efficiency economic crop, various social capitals have poured in and invested, so the Agricultural drone sprayer is not to be outdone, but also flooded in. As a cash crop that requires fine management, citrus has a high incidence of pests and diseases, so a year, citrus growers need to invest in a small number of pesticides. The traditional method of spraying drugs is to use the steam/diesel engine as the power, press the potion to the atomizing nozzle, and manually apply the citrus. In recent years, the Agricultural drone sprayer has been hot and squeezed in to get a piece of cake.

However, the Agricultural drone sprayer has repeatedly hit the wall in the battle to seize the citrus plant protection market. Recently, there has been news that an Agricultural drone sprayer company has even collapsed. So why is the agricultural drone sprayer such a tall, high-tech product not to be seen by citrus growers? I think there are mainly the following reasons:

First, there is no way in front of high technology.

Everyone knows that the Agricultural drone sprayer is a high-tech thing. It is not something that ordinary farmers know how to operate. It requires professionals to operate. To fight drugs for citrus, you need to ask another professional to operate, which undoubtedly increases the cost. Of course, there are also some plant protection companies that provide a full range of services, such as providing drugs and helping to fight drugs, but these drugs are not necessarily what growers like, and the price may not be acceptable to them.


Second, the planting scale limit

Most of the citrus industry is distributed in the southern region, while the terrain in the southern region is dominated by mountainous hills. The farming mode of one acre and three points is very obvious. Most citrus growers are responsible for growing their own responsibilities, and the area of ​​responsibility is limited. The Agricultural drone sprayer simply does not work. This is why large agricultural machinery is difficult to promote in the South. And how many growers can really scale, such as a thousand and a few acres?


Third, the tree structure determines the land of useless dance

Citrus, as a fruit tree, is different from a simple fruit such as dragon fruit. Its tree structure is complex, its branches are leafy, and its roots, neck and neck are filled with pests and diseases. The agricultural drone sprayer, most of which is applied from the upper part of the citrus tree, is often used to take care of the leaves outside the tree. It is difficult to completely and completely fight the drugs. In particular, some stubborn pests of citrus, such as citrus red spiders, are mostly lurking in the back of the leaves. At this time, it is difficult to treat them with the agricultural drone sprayer.

These are the main reasons why the agricu drone sprayer is difficult to promote on citrus. Of course, plant protection drones also have its advantages, such as separation of human and machine, can avoid frequent exposure to pesticides on the human body; efficiency is much higher than manual application. Our company's agricultural drone sprayer has professional and technical personnel training, if interested Please pay attention to our website: https://www.agriculture-machine.com/agricultural-drone-sprayer-in-china/

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    Agricultural drone sprayer in China
    Agricultural drone sprayer in China This drone sprayer can be used to protect agricultural and forestry plants,mainly consisting of a flight part (fi…
  • Friends, if you are interested, please pay attention to our website:https://www.agriculture-machine.com/agricultural-drone-sprayer-in-c...

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    Agricultural drone sprayer in China
    Agricultural drone sprayer in China This drone sprayer can be used to protect agricultural and forestry plants,mainly consisting of a flight part (fi…
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