Agriculture software and agriculture apps for Android

Today it is rather difficult to find something which is not affected by information technologies. And farming is not an exception to this rule. Moreover, a tablet, smartphone or laptop can be a farmer’s main tool since it can provide him with all necessary information. Yes, you cannot work properly without smart devices and agriculture software
And in this article, we will explain how technologies can change farming and how this area will be developing over the next several years. 

Smart farms - farming of the future

World's population continues to grow every single year. Therefore, the problem of nutrition is among the most urgent ones that humanity has to resolve. We have to find new ways to obtain more food and use our land plots more effectively. Old ways of increasing crop yield and livestock growth are not very efficient. According to experts, by 2050 the demand for food will have grown up to 70%! In other words, if the amount of food we grow remains unchanged, people might face such disasters as famine. To prevent such a state of affairs, it is necessary to apply the latest developments in the IT sphere - both technologies and appropriate apps for agriculture.
Farmer of the future - tablets and smartphones are his best friends
While robotic farmers still seem to become something in the distant future, human farmers keep on doing their job. And smart electronic devices assist them in it.
Engineers create a network of sensors on fields and plantations that uninterruptedly gather data about humidity, temperature etc. The received information is processed and stored in a cloud. Then it is forwarded to its final point in a user-friendly way - via a mobile farm tracking app, for example. In addition, the farmer can operate farm machinery remotely using this application. It makes it possible to control his or her field from any point.
  • The user can see an electronic technological field map where the information from different sources is displayed. Comparing columns on smartphone/tablet, the farmer can see the dynamics of expenses per hectare at various periods.
Electronic field map
  • Use of these technologies is necessary for understanding the dynamics of the crop yield growing.
Field statistics
Number of acres planted
  • Satellite monitoring systems along with UAVs gather data 24 hours a day, so farmers always know the condition of their crops. Moreover, it allows the farmers to know how much money their crops will bring them.
Crops condition
Condition of crops
  • Multipurpose data transfer protocol ISO 11783. New agricultural equipment maintains this protocol developed for farming. It provides compatibility with all farming equipment and its interactions.
  • Online stores make it possible for users to organize a stable sale of their products to the nearby cities. 
Is it convenient? Probably, yes. But it will take time to integrate these technologies into all farms. Not all regions have the feasibility to apply them.

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