AGV improvements

The AGV code has been improved tons with lots of help from Bill porter, Thanks Bill. A lot of cleaning up and basic improvements were done but so were major ones. Added PD control instead of the plain P like before. The code runs faster at 10hz. The best part by far is the added functionality of storing waypoints in EEPROM and using the Ardupilot config tool to upload the points. Just today i ended up plugging the ESC into the on board receiver that the truck came with so i can control the speed manually (seen in the video above. Sorry for the shaky beginning).

As always the full story can be found here

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  • Sensible.Look forward to more news...
  • I have used auto speed control but its not too safe to do when your doing your first tests, you have to follow the vehicle closely and be ready to grab it if things go wrong. I believe though it could have handled this route fine on auto. Also the battery life for me is very bad, so it needs to speed up the longer it runs.
  • Nice work Pat, be nice to have waypoint markers on the ground so we can see how well the AGV hits them. Nice straight lines though unlike the aircraft that have wind to contend with. Why not use automatic speed control?
  • No problem! Glad I could help.

    Your shaping up to be a formidable opponent at next year's Sparkfun Competition!
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