AGV update--- Custom Controller


Parts list:

It is programmed on the side via a FTDI cable. The lipo's charging cable comes out of the top so it can be charged without having to open up the controller.


This custom controller allows for more options and modes than a normal, off of the shelf controller.

Some modes and features might include:

  • RC mode
  • GPS waypoint mode
  • Sending new GPS cordinates
  • Return to home (back track of GPS waypionts)
  • RC mode with Compass assistance (like keep on x heading)
  • Kill switch
  • Adjustment during GPS waypoint mode
  • Speed control via sliding pot
  • And so much more....

The xbee adapter plugs into the FTDI port with a homemade male to male adapter

RC control will have the option of using the joystick on board the controller, the wii nunchuck's joystick, or the wii nunchuck's accelerometer.

When i get the money i hope to update to this rc truck as my AGV. As you may know, right now i am using a cheap hummer from Walmart.

I have also made my own AGV arduino PCBs. I just sent the gerber files off to seeedstudio yesterday and in a few weeks they will arrive. But more on this later.

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  • Purely as an educational prepare you for the real world thing, I would suggest looking at maybe using NMEA sentence strings. I assume you are thinking about a degree in engineering of some sort. One thing you will learn is that following standards is a HUGE deal in an professional engineer's life. Pretty much all the robots I deal with at the Navy use NMEA strings to convey data across different sub-systems. It's a form of communication that is easy to implement, understand, and debug. More importantly, it's an accepted standard for communications. i did a quick write-up about communications and NMEA stings here

    So, if you take the time to learn and implement it now on your project, you will have gained a valuable skill useful for you future professional life.

    Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the good Work!! Looks like you are going to be a formidable opponent at next years Sparkfun challenge.
  • Right now the controller is not used. But i do plan on writing my own protocol for it when i do start to use it.
  • Nice Patrick!

    I have been working on my own control station for my UGV. I ended up writing a PS2 Controller Arduino library in the process.

    How did you define your communications between your controller and robot? Did you make up your own protocol, or stick a standard like NMEA?
  • I do not know of one but would like to make one.
  • Bit off topic, but does anyone know of a case sold anywhere for the Xbee modules? Seems it could use some sort of protection from the elements and such...
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