Aileron modification

3689367790?profile=originalFitting ailerons is not exactly new to the EasyStar so here is my rendition.
Using 1" masking tape I laid out a strip across the entire straight part of the wing

3689367902?profile=originalMarked 10cm from edge of surface (the first part that can be seen when assembled not the hidden section).
Marked 40cm from that mark along.
Cut along both marks
Cut along the side of the masking tape.

3689367826?profile=originalMeasured 5mm back from cut edge (depth of wing in cut)
Cut a diagonal section from the wing (to allow aileron movement)

Using masking tape to template the servo and its throw area (about 1cm longer than just the servo).
Used masking tape to make straight line from box section cut out.
Stuck servo template below masking tape line.
Using scapel I cut out the servo hole and a groove along the masking tape line.

The servo has two tabs so with the servo partially in I marked the foam and cut out little sections for the tabs. It goes in really snug now.

To hide the wire I cut a 5mm groove along the box section insert.
With the servo extension cable attached I positioned the connector part on the box section insert and pushed to mark it.
I then cut out that area with a scapel
Cut another groove where the wing meets the chassis for the cable to exit (and attach to the chassis

All closed up and pushed together.
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  • Why 8 blog posts to show modifications?
  • I definitely feel the urge to upgrade, but I would have probably destroyed a dozen fiberglass airplanes by now. The EasyStar has definitely saved my wallet! I think you have the right approach.
  • Yeh I realised that after staying up to 2am reading your site :D
    Thats some cool gear. I'm hoping to develop my skills on the EasyStar then use a larger airframe to really go mental (3D mapping, range finder etc). I've actual built both of those already but not in a UAV friendly package but FEZ mini should help me with that. ArduGlobalHawk here we come :D
  • Thanks :) She isn't pretty but she does the job. Believe it or not, I've flown old faithful for over 2 years now.
  • Will do TJ thanks.
    Looks like you have done some hefty modifications
  • Careful on the throws! My Easystar was super sensitive and I didn't even have very big ailerons.
  • Nice. I look forward to hearing how well it flies, and how much roll control this gives you.
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