If you ever wondered what professional drone designers/makers are doing behind the scenes, well we're not only building UAVs for customers but we also have to train them from A to Z (and often we have to train ourselves too:).

To show you how this is made, enjoy this little video of this morning's training session (for agronomy usage).



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  • MR60
    Hi Jésus, hère my blog explaining pour catapult:
  • Hughes, what kind of launch do you use? Can you post some photos?
    We modified ours to have front motor instead of regular back pusher. We launch by hand but we are exploring any simple method of catapult
  • MR60

    Yes Thorsten, here a wetransfer link to download:

  • T3

    Hugues, I cannot watch the video due to copyright restrictions - most probably the music.

    Can you change it or provide some download link?

    Thanks and Cheers,


  • MR60

    Hi Santiago,

    I don't know about flying school in Florida but that must surely exist.

    If you are starting with flying quads, you can use your radio control transmitter (for ex a Taranis) with a very good flight simulator to learn the basic sticks moves : AeroSim ( )

    They have progressive lessons, step by step, with lots of predefined models of quadcopters, hexacopters and octocopters of different sizes and weight. This is how I started and I have to say it is cheaper to crash in a SIM than in real life.

    then once you have done the simulators lessons, buy a cheap light quadcopter than you will train on in real life (you can find some for 100$ or even less on ebay).

    After that you'll be able to fly your quad in stabilize mode which is essential to recover from a GPS/Auto mode failure.

    AeroSIM-RC - Drone Simulator - Flight Simulator for Remotely Piloted Aircraft - Flight Simulator fo…
    AeroSIM-RC is a multirotor, airplane and helicopter simulator, focused on providing the best training, for pilots to learn flying skills. AeroSIM-RC…
  • Hi friends, Is there training in UAV inside the Florida state (Miami preferably) in USA.  I would like to know if there is also some kind of certification (I need it).  I have built already a quad, but I need to improve my flying skills a lot.


  • Ahh!!! Belgium; nice to take nice pictures; no A lens looks like 3.6 aprox, it's too wide to overlap photos, 6 mm lens looks like an standard camera, 8mm perhaps it's perfect but I'm not try yet; then I look for a link but any 6 mm 12 mm mount fixes in Mobius ;)  If I can fly today I send you a photo and comment results.

  • MR60

    I am using lens A type. Is this the 6mm lens you mention ? Do you have a link ?

    As for training you're welcome to Belgium!

  • I change the mobius lens for a 6 mm one to experiment with it, is more sensible to jello but better non fish eye effect, great ligth weigth camera for this job. Here are some people selling uavs but poor training yet.

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