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  • I made it fly, LOL, glad I didn't kill someone.
  • Nice look ! Don't forget to post a video when you'll make your quad fly !

  • Very nice. Congrats.

    I'am still struggling with mine. Some unexpected problems.

  • Thanks Danny, I will twist my sonar wires, the plastic cover has four 1/2 " holes in the bottom. I have not tried it at a high enough altitude yet. Soon I hope.

    Glad you like it

  • Distributor

    Not sure if you did this or not (hard to see)  but make that container less air thigh with holes... the baro needs to breath. 

    Otherwise nice build!  maybe twist or shield these sonar cables to remove interference... 

  • @Maxime: same for my hexa :/ I've finished the build, but never fly it for the moment !

  • Very nice, I have checked your spec, It seem to have an incredible power. Too much power can make it more difficult to fly ?

    Mine is built and operational, so I fear to fly with it lol, is the control like an helicopter ? (feeling)

    Great work.

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