Aluminum uniframe quad.


in a quest for weight reduction

its now key to remove unnecessary bits and pieces from a quad frame that is just to overly complex

if anyone remember my last post of

the 2kg AUW

its like putting a multirotor on a weight loss program in some sense.

this call for a complete design change.

size 450

AUW 1.35Kg

frame only 410g

the only screws/bolts used are the ones holding the motors in. the rest of the frame is one solid piece

landing gear clearance is enough to put a small camera under

nice hard shell contains electronics and battery sits on the upper deck.


at least I don't have to worry about a few loose screws on the frame.

just update video

no problem at all , its even more stable with this layout. the arms act like leaf-springs dampening vibrations

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  • pics as posted , should there be enough interest this, would plan to produce some.

  • Very cool, Cliff...any chance of more detailed photos or maybe even a drawing? Thanks! Stan

  • Rjc: not bad with yours too. it just needs a bit more power thought.

  • Wow! looking good CliffN! I like the idea of your landing gear..

  • Jay:  its a Light Tank in comparison to Reggie's design

    maiden flight video will soon follow . 

  • no problem angle bars are not necessary . the aluminum used is difficult to bend in the first place so its pointless to do so and the flex is minimal along the whole span plus I needed leaf-springs to reduce vibration anyway , the AUW is just 1.35Kg nearly comparable to CF frame of its class size.

    this design relies heavily on the material strength. than of form thus the name simplistic uni-frame

  • I think I would have angled the bars that connect to where the motor is mounted..  flat aluminum like that seems like it would flex a lot where just mounting the bars at a angle or up and down instead of side to side would help.  Pretty cool frame... does it fly well?   what does the vibrations look like with those flat bars ? 

  • that's nice frame CliffN!

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