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  • Mid-air collisions this past year:

    AMA  members :         1

    FPV and autonomous: 0


    Whose safer?

  • You can find more model airplanes doing worse things one the internet than FPV or autonomous systems.

    The AMA  used to support autonomous systems and FPV. Now they throw them under the bus.

    The AMA has this idea that they are some kinf of regulatory agency. They are not. They are little more than an insurance company for a small minority of model aviation enthusiasts.


  • I, too, thought the reply from Mark Smith was extremely polemic and fear-mongering at best. With his statement he's actively trying to split the R/C community. The ironic fact that we followed the AC more than the AMA does themselves is just a fine detail. I wrote him an e-mail, hoping for a response ...


  • At least the FAA has a process for making regulations and has (some) oversight and controls. Not so the AMA.
  • All I can tell you is that the Feds are out for themselves and their agenda ... whatever that is.  Any agency with sweeping powers to write laws that do not need the approval or consent of Congress, and can be enforced under the color of law with full Federal authority is a danger to liberty no matter what cause that you call your own.  It goes against the Constitution and it will lead to loss of your liberties to have a little fun and recreation ....."in the name of national security".
  • I got an image in my head of two "men in black" showing up pulling out a little pin hammer and clocking Gary Tom and Jerry style with no effect to him xD
  • A jumbo jet can fall out of the sky and kill you too...

    If I'm not mistaken; at this time you can still launch your own model rocket in your own back yard, but only to a point, once you hit a certian size and or altitude then you have to go to the desert on designated launch dates... yes? no?

    I remember building multi stage rockets that go to 1200 feet on standard engines... what is the difference in a rocket and any other earthbased object going above ground level... eh?

    In my opinion, it all comes down to; if you (or anything you have control of) leaves the ground, you better have insurance that covers what your doing...

  • Moderator

    No they won't but if there is a complaint of any sort they will have a hammer with which to hit you.



  • I don't advocate breakng the law, but, if these rules go into law, how are they going to be enforced? Where I fly, there isn't anyone around for miles and miles. Are they going to start a new agency with agents to prowel around looking for people flying fpv or what ever else they rule illegal.


    I think this a lot of panic over something that can't be enforced.

  • I think it would be a good idea for Chris Anderson to introduce himself and his website to Randy Babbitt (and others of influence) if he hasn't already done so, just so as to make him aware that the bleeding edge of sport aviation occurs here too and is not necessarily (yet) as organized or as vocal as a long-standing community like the AMA might be.

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