AMA working on allowing Autonomous Systems ?


First they ban it because "it has nothing to do with model aviation"

Now its fine if the insurance company will cover it?


From the April AMA EC minutes:

"Outdoor Autonomous Flight Operations
The committee realized with the technological advances and increased member interest, they needed to find a way to embrace the new technology and make it happen in a safe manner. The name of the document was changed to include the word ‘Outdoor’ because among other requirements, flights are limited to a chartered club flying site and approved overfly area. (Note: paragraph 7 will be kept in the document at this time, but once reviewed for insurance implications, may be changed.)

Did they see the light or dollar signs?

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  • T3
    I would say something caustic but I would be accused of  ageism...
  • Moderator
    I don't think they will end up being part of the conversation.
  • I'd say $ if they see enough interest because the details will be reviewed (whenever that is).
  • Note that it will be limited to AMA club sites ($$$).
  • 3D Robotics
    Good news. Thanks for passing that along.
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