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  • How do you cope with wind?
    We fly here a Cessna (small dot in the middle of the pic) in a loitering circle with 300 m radius, using X-plane.
    There is wind in the settings, and the circle is still quite round and smooth. The plane is autopiloted by a knowledge based reasoning engine. In the picture, the loitering has been just terminated, and the plane is on its way to the next waypoint. The path there happens to cross the entry path. The plane behaves like a fullsize Cessna, of course, taking off and landing on a "real" airport in the background. The small window at the bottom contains ground control commands to the onboard mission controller and status readings downloaded to the ground control.
    We plan to add ordinary pilot decision making to the project (and use an ordinary autopilot for the detailed flying, e.g. pixhawk).
    The entire mission control, including contingency handling et will be handled by the reasoning engine.

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  • Chris do you have an alternate source for this algorithm? 

    the link provided leads to a blank page.

    Many Thanks

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