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An Android-controlled Arduino drone


From Hackaday:

[Stefan] wrote in to tell us about a project for high school students, where a Styrofoam glider (translated) is converted into an Android (or PC) controlled drone.


At the heart of the glider is an Arduino Pro Mini which communicates with either a computer or an Android phone via Bluetooth. It is especially interesting to note that the student’s used Processing to create the Android app, rather than complicating things by using Eclipse and Android Development Tools (ADT). While the more detailed PDF documentation at the end of the project page is in German, all of the Processing and Arduino code needed to build the project is provided. It would be awesome to see more Bluetooth related projects include a simple Android application; after all, many of us carry computers in our pockets these days, so we might as well put them to good use!

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    If you are after a very similar airframe this one is also EPP and works a charm I did over 100 hours with my testing to see if the EPP would stand upto UV. The purchase of it led me to meet Rob from Flying Wings and several silly misadventures to follow. Top bloke.



    How small might the Pixhawk get one day Chris? I actually would like a longer thinner version to get into glider airframes more easily.

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