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    also setting params

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  • seems to work as is... is the software functional, as it stands now just for altering flight modes and viewing gps position?

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    Matthew - you can first try plugging a powered USB hub in between the low power tablet and the radio.  

  • I have a note 10.1 and a USB adapter but its low power USB.... will this be an issue? could i just use a serial cable and power the 5v from a regulator keeping only common grounds?

  • Thats a Pipo S2 like I am using....Works great. Put the Pipo S2 Ultimate 3G firmware on it to get the usb host mode to work correctly.

    Took me a while to find this trick.


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    Also - no need for a rooted tablet (though rooted should be fine).

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    To get 3G it is quite easy to tether to the phone in your pocket - no need for a 3G dongle.  Btw: minimum supported android version is 3.1 - it won't install on earlier versions (no USB host mode).

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  • Earl, it does not have inbuilt 3G, requires 3G dongle, not that good, b'cuse while you are in flying field, this tab to act as GCS, you require high speed internet 3G to live track fast moving autopiloted plane in GE.

    And you know, hooking up 3G dongle and 3DR radio at the same time would be quite cumbersome. 

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