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Android Neural-Network-driven Autonomous Car

This is awesome and a great candidate project for the PhoneDrone Android/RC interface board. 

From the creator:

Recently, I have been refreshing my knowledge of Machine Learning by taking Andrew Ng's excellent Stanford Machine Learning course online. The lecture module on Neural Networks ends with an intriging motivating video of the ALVINN autonomous car driving itself along normal roads at CMU in the mid 90s.

I was inspired by this video to see what I could build myself over the course of a weekend.

Here's the hardware setup:


And how the neural network works:


(via Hackaday)

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  • Thank you for the Machine Learning Course link, I registered one hour ago and I have attended the first two lessons.

  • Developer

    very impressive.  As you might expect, the Neural Net runs on the laptop so the android phone and the arduino app are just the eyes and arms of the project.  Presumably the neural net (perhaps with fewer nodes) could have been run on the android...

    Years ago, in an attempt to copy some work Jack Crossfire (above) had done on the Trex450 version of Vicacopter, I once squeezed a neural net (with a lot fewer nodes than this project used) onto an Atmel1280 but didn't have much memory or CPU to do much else!

  • He could have used white iPads as the line following course & had double the fame.

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