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  • Hehe, at the very least stories like this give the industry character...

  • Your brilliant puns are total win is all. :)



  • Well said Mike Rieker!

  • Developer

    Teasing (*cough* NOT TAZING *cough*) your pets is one thing, but this is another. For example, using a laser to tease your cat with the magical red dot is ok but hitting it over the head with the laser pen is not.

  • Moderator

    Whether it's his pet ram or not it's just plain stupid. And hell no, I don't 'tease' my dogs with them. You've got to be kidding me.

  • Actually I do like it and I give the Ram a +10.
    Harassing animals is why the US Parks are now closed to UAV's.
    It doesn't really matter who the ram belongs to.
    Doing that then posting it is just plain stupid and then on the Communist News Network?

  • Another stupid drone pilot here..... good for the ram

  • While I agree "if" this was a wild ram the guy is an idiot.  But I highly doubt it was.  If it was wild it would have torn him up good and knocked his butt to the ground when they guy walked up to him.  Or especially when the guy turned his back.  This looked like more of a go fly around my livestock video that a harassing wildlife excursion.  Regardless one item most of these videos have in common is the platform... Rarely if ever see dumb stuff happening with a non DJI machine.

  • ..... and so idiots slowly kill the hobby ......

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