I have just released the first version of DronePro for Android priced at $5 in the Play Store.

It is ground control software designed to allow gamepad control of 3DR Pixhawk based drones (tested with Iris / Iris+ and Y6B).

It has full control of GoPros when connected to the GoPro wifi - turning on; video recording etc.

It also supports USB UVC video capture, so you can display FPV video streams and locally record it.

More details on my website with a link to the Play Store entry and a Google+ group.

I am only developing this in my spare time, and hope to cover the development costs (icons are ridiculously expensive... and so are drones and spares when you crash).

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  • I've just released v2.2.

    This is a bigger update than just switching to use 3DR services.

    It adds a Cardboard / VR mode, which even includes head tracking control of the gimbal.

    I've also added support for DJI drones via their new SDK, so it supports the Vision 2+ and Phantom 3 Advanced with flight plans.

  • I've just uploaded a beta which is mainly to switch to using the 3DR Services.

    3DR Services  don't support console messages yet, and I've been having problems with fail safe notifications, so it will stay as a beta for a while until these are sorted.

    I've also got GoPro previews working on the Nexus 6 and fixed local recordings of the Go Pro preview (the ones which can overlay information, as GoPro recording is to its SD card).

  • Part of the video was done on a Nexus 9 which had both front and rear cameras, so that isn't an issue. I've been using Android 4.4 and 5.0 so recent Android builds are OK.

    What can be a problem is the current requirements for two USB devices. My Galaxy Tab S can't supply enough, but the Shield and Nexus 9 are OK. In theory I should be able to use an external battery to power the USB hub, I just haven't tested this...

  • @meavydev  Do you know if that UVC card you linked will work with Android devices with camera's built in. I have seen some devices manufacturers say that when your Android has a camera already it does not recognize the device. Sorry to bug you but I assume you would know (before I spend $60 on it).

  • Thanks. Look forward to trying this when I get one of those. I love the icons and UI design. The icons do look expensive.

  • I don't think EzCap 116 is a UVC capture card. I'm afraid Android capture support is limited to UVC.
    I am using:

  • This looks great. Definitely going to blow $5 on this. I love the idea of getting rid of the FPV 7 inch monitor for line-of-site AP. This may be off-topic but can an Easycap 116 work with an Android? Is that a UVC device? Will this work with your app (with a 5.8Ghz receive of course)?

  • @Bill Bonney - no combat mode, only co-pilot for sharing flying via ARDrone Combat.

    @Rana - you need to be actually connected to the GoPro wifi and have set the GoPro password. Also you need to make sure you have chosen GoPro video stream and that you don't have the "Do not connect to GoPro WiFi" checked. If the password is correct then the GoPro should come out of standby when it is "off"  but with WiFi enabled.

  • I just purchased the app, can't seen Gopro Hero3's video however on the same phone, when using Gopro's own app, then able to see the live video from the the Gopro Hero3 cam.

  • Developer
    That looks great, first mobile GCS to speak Stablise with an 's' ;-)

    Does combat mode also work on APM products?
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