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It's time for the second round of the second season of the Trust Time Trial (T3) competion! This round is an autotakeoff and landing round, with 3D waypoints. Like the last round, there are two divisions: plane and copters. 

Your mission in this round is to complete the course diagrammed above. Your UAV must autonomously do the following:

  1. Autotakeoff. NO MANUAL CONTROL. This must be fully autonomous launch, with the RC transmitter on the ground. For aircraft we will accept rise-off-ground, catapult or hand-launch (but remember, no transmitter!). For copters, it must rise-off-ground. Just flick your RC transmitter's mode toggle switch and put that bad boy on the ground while you watch the show. 
  2. Hit the above eight waypoints, which are in increasing and then decreasing height (the target altitude is given after each waypoint number). They are all 100m apart, for both planes and copters. The exact position of WP8 (or however more waypoints you need to end the mission) is not important--it is just whatever you need to set up your landing pattern properly. 
  3. Autoland, as close to your launch position as possible. Again, no transmitters!

To enter, post the following in the comments below:

  • KML track and screenshot of your track in Google Earth, with launch and final rest positions marked.
  • A description of your vehicle and autopilot. 
  • Because this is a hands-free round, we want videos of the whole thing! Upload them to YouTube and embed the video in your entry.

Gary Mortimer, as always, will be the judge. In this case it will be scored primarily on "style": he will use qualitative rather than purely quantitative measures to reward clean patterns, tight altitude control and the closeness of the landings to the takeoff points. Note: experience has shown he can be influenced by creativity and fun, so make those videos count! 

There will be three winners in each category (planes and copters), with the #1s getting a $100 gift certificate at the DIY Drones store and #2 and #3 getting $25 each.

All entrants who successfully compete the course with a copter, regardless of place in the judging, will receive a flying robot merit badge!


This is a pretty tough challenge and the weather is still dicey in the Northern Hemisphere, so you get two months for this one. Deadline is Sunday, March 4th, at midnight PST. 

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  • @Colin, @Pete, @Chris, I too sent a PM about store credit but got no answer.

  • Like darts?

  • Developer

    @Colin, @Chris, I too sent a PM about the store credit, but got no answer.

  • Moderator

    It was a draw Colin, so um one each ;-) Or full scores all around!

    Will announce the next round shortly, just waiting for the dealers challenge to finish.

    All I will say at this point is think pub games.

  • So Gary, how many points did we all get!

    Chris, I sent you a PM about the store credit, but you didn't answer?

  • Moderator

    Everybody had positive points about their entry and a real sense of camaraderie prevailed, I was very impressed. 

    We know what the next one will be I just need to type it out proper like.


  • Thanks for the fun, and the prize :)

    Looking forward to next time.

    PM on its way.

  • Great decision, Gary! Congrats, guys. It was a pleasure virtual flying with ya...

    Gotta say it... This community is just awesome...

  • How many entrees did you have?

  • Thanks Chris :) Will PM you now.

    Good call Gary, I wouldn't have liked to pick a winner. There was some stiff competition this round!

    Well done all!

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