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We’re happy to announce the release of the latest and greatest update of the Solo app, for both iOS and Android—release 1.1.0. While this update isn’t necessary for Solo to work, it is necessary for the Solo Gimbal to work. And don’t forget: In order to unlock full access to your GoPro through the gimbal, you’ll need to update your GoPro; instructions on how to do that can be found right in the Solo app. Plus this new release offers some other significant improvements, so we highly recommend you update all components of your Solo system.

The new release is available in the App store today, and will be available on Google Play this weekend. Here’s a quick rundown.


Solo Gimbal

As you’ve likely heard by now, Solo Gimbals are shipping this week! Please note: Your gimbal will not work unless you make this update. Here’s what you’ll get from your gimbal with this update:

  • Smart Shots are tightly integrated with the gimbal. This unlocks automated camera pointing, an exclusive Solo feature that delivers perfect framing even with complex and dynamic shots. For example, in Orbit, Selfie and Follow the gimbal automatically keeps the subject in frame as Solo moves up and down and in and out—whether moving under your control or automatically. In Cable cam, the gimbal works with Solo’s onboard computer and the autopilot to move the camera smoothly and precisely from your first frame to the last on your cable—just push “play” in the app, and Solo will handle all of it. But because Cable cam locks Solo onto a track, you’re also free to control the gimbal yourself—use the left stick to pan and tilt the camera as you fly up and down the cable.
  • The gimbal also unlocks access to GoPro camera control. In addition to being able to start/stop recording by clicking the left paddle on the controller, you can now even start and stop GoPro recording straight from the app.
  • Support for updating your gimbal’s firmware as more new features and improvements roll out.

Return Home

By popular request, we’ve now made it possible for you to adjust the altitude that Solo will climb to when it returns home. If you set a high enough altitude, Solo will be more likely to fly over any obstacles (within reason—not the Burj Khalifa or anything) on its way home. We also increased the default return home altitude from 15m to 25m and added a new safety measure—now Solo will always pop up 10m when you hit return home, even if you’re above your specified return home altitude.

Major App UI overhaul

We’ve also made some pretty substantial aesthetic and functional updates to the app itself.

  • The Smart Shots menu is easier to find (on the bottom left now)
  • In setting up an Orbit, you can now use the map to choose the object you want to focus on. If a data connection isn’t available where you’re shooting, remember that you can pre-load the map of your flying area before you get there by opening the map while connected to the internet. This will “cache” the map so it will be available if you’re flying without a data connection.
  • There’s a new Follow feature called “Look At Me,” where Solo stays still but moves the camera to keep you in the frame.
  • New home screen offers easier access to settings, support, etc., and displays your local weather to help you decide if the conditions are good for flying.
  • Smart Shots UI update
  • French and Spanish language support
  • FAQs available in app (find these in the support section).

Battery Failsafes

We’ve changed some of the low battery alerts with this update, giving you a little more heads-up when you’re running out of juice. In the older versions, the battery alerts you at 25% capacity, then again at 10% and then returns home around 6%. Now it sends alerts at 25% and 15%, returning home at 10% capacity or if the voltage drops below 14 V, whichever happens first. Solo will beep loudly to warn you of a low battery. You also have the option to cancel the return home battery failsafe by pressing the FLY button; however, if you let the battery get to zero, Solo won’t fly and you’ll permanently damage your battery.

Be aware of your location: If Solo’s flying really far from your home point, it won’t be able to Return Home if you’ve only got 10% battery remaining.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Sololink now supports the PAL video format on GoPro
  • Crash detector
    • If Solo detects that it is upside down on the ground for two seconds, the motors will stop
    • Reminder: You can always activate emergency shutoff by holding A+B+Pause. Be careful not to do this in the air because the motors will stop.
  • Controller alerts
    • When motion is detected on startup
    • When controller battery runs low
    • Battery failsafe (see above)
    • If the stick calibration on the gimbal control paddle is bad, the controller will prompt you to contact Tech Support for instructions on how to calibrate it. This alert will say “Controller Stick Error.”
  • Behind the scenes
    • GPS alarm: If your GPS cable is not plugged in, Solo plays an alarm to let you know
    • Logging improvements
    • More power: The maximum continuous current the Solo is allowed to draw was increased to 42A to improve altitude-hold performance when flying fast upwind
    • App Security: A prompt to change your Sololink password, and other under-the-hood improvements
    • iOS App runs best on iOS version 8.4, with support for later versions on the way. iOS 8.0 required. To get 8.4 on your device, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update
    • In a few weeks, we’ll offer support for iOS 9 beta.
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  • I couldn't find the iOS update either, but I did manage to get the controller and solo updated...I'm also curious about the flight simulator that was spoke of at the start? Wasn't there a demo of the simulator at booths set up in best-buy?
  • So am I missing something here?  I do not see any update in the app store for IOS.  I checked yesterday and today.  Was there a problem with the release?

  • Isnt there supposed to be a flight simulator that was advertised with the solo or is the first year of this product launch a beta release.

  • Cool but I want to know when Tower for iOS is going to be released.

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