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  • rotery wing or not this is cool ,now if only it'd work with a laptop
  • March 5th from the engaget review.
  • Is this available now? I don't see it in the SHOP section of their website.
  • Great video. They seem to have made a very smooth product.

    Looks like it will only cost 320 GBP in the Summer and it looks like they have are facilitating a developer community around the unit.

    The AR opps for this are amazing. Can you imagine an over lay of a building with cad info in 3d on top of the video.
  • Admin
    Just wait until the Parrot gets next to a really powerful 2.4 GHz WiFi transmitter and see how well it controls!

  • That thing is nothing short of amazing, not sure how it would perform in the REAL world but still truly superb.

    You almost converted me away from fixed wing there fro a minute!

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