another way to set modes on turnigy 9x

as it was kind o difficult to me setting up flight modes on APM the way Gordon discribed,  I tried to find an easyer way (but still Gordon did a good job and my way based on his...)

Big THX to apocolipse, as I forgot to write which firmware I`m using. It`s the er9x (lates trunk)

I show on an examples, as it is real easy. What I did is to use the custom switches 1 to 6 (csw1 - csw6) and the mixers.

Goto to mixer and add a line  with the setting (in my case ch8 but it`s up to u, which ch u use)

CH08    100%    MAX   SWITCH    (SW1)

            100%    MAX   SWITCH    (SW2)

            100%    MAX   SWITCH    (SW3)

            100%    MAX   SWITCH    (SW4)

and so on....

Ok, now I go to Switches an assign the following values  to SW1:

CSW1 function: and   /  value1:ID0   /  value2: !AIL (if u`re not use to,  ! means not active)

CSW2 function: and   /  value1:ID1   /  value2: !AIL

CSW3 function: and   /  value1:ID2   /  value2: !AIL

CSW4 function: and   /  value1:ID0   /  value2: AIL

CSW4 function: and   /  value1:ID1   /  value2: AIL

CSW4 function: and   /  value1:ID2   /  value2: AIL

Now you hook up APM in cli mode, going to pwm test. Taking the radio and adjusting the 100% value on SW1 so, that I get the recommended 1165 for normal mode (in my case: CH08   /   -65%   /   MAX  /   SWITCH(SW1).

Do this to all mixers.

Then I set the modes, like shown on diy google codepage.

That`s it.

c u in da sky

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  • Ha. I did it quite like this today for my 9XR. Afterwards I found this...

    I did a video. Its 9XR but if you own a 9X this should be helpful, too.

  • I just wanted to point out a few things in these instructions to save future people grief.  While this does work well, there are some things to point our that are different with the current ER9X firmware.

    • When setting up the mixes for the channel, note that MAX has been replaced with FULL.  
    • In addition, be sure to switch the Multpx mode from ADD to will make the task much easier.  Maybe you are expected to know this already, but it would have saved me hours of tinkering if I knew ahead of time.
    • It is easier to view the Mission Planner "Mode" setup page than the CLI when adjusting your values.  You can watch the current selected mode live when adjusting the weight on the transmitter.
  • 3D Robotics

    Looks good. I've added it to the manual here.

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