Anti Jello mount for Mobius brushless gimbal

To suppress vibrations & jello in videos taken by very lighweight camera brushless gimbals is a challenge as none of the classical methods are working well. The more weight, the easier it is to manage vibrations. When you combine extreme lightweight gimbal with a CMOS sensor technology, you'll get very prone to the so called "jello" effect.

In this video I share some findings about what works best with my 50 gr 2-axis Mobius gimbal.

The ship itself is my Subonekilo quadcopter project (800g actually with battery) which I blogged about previously. It runs Arducopter on Pixhawk, 9 " props, 3S battery.

ps : no chickens were hurt in the making of this video.



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  • Thank you for your feedback Hugues !

  • Cool!! Hugues, I'm going to try, Thank's; I never can take good videos with the Mobius.

  • MR60


    Seeing the little room you have on the sides, but maybe enough room in height, I would suggest you to try this method : use four pieces of soft silicon tube (you find it in rc stores as fuel tubes or you could use medical latex tube) than connect as shown on the picture:


  • I can move the wires, they aren't definitively installed.


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  • MR60

    Cala, maybe there is enough space to make a very small wire rope damper like this one, made with motor mounts ?:

    3702259042?profile=originalI would not take the camera apart, as this will not solve the vibrations issue and actually make it harder to dampen (plus less protection)

    Do you have other pictures showing what space is available ?

  • The problem in the racer is space, and that the mobius have to point upper, one thing I think is to put the sensor outside with a wire, put the rest of the camera on one side or under the frame and dampen only the sensor but more lightweight, more problem :( ; I have to consider to remove the sdcard and recharge mobius batt too, not easy with this little babies.


  • Spoiled chicken...);

  • MR60

    @Digital, it is actually a chicken's house

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