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  • 3D Robotics

    Firefly: interesting, but I still think it looks more like a modified Desert Hawk

  • Take a look at this one:



  • Looks like a modified version of this

  • "Fully Mission Capable."  Hmm?  Apparently it wasn't!  :)

    Good find, though, S.G.

  • Google search of "FMC military acronym" turns up:


    FMC = Fully Mission Capable.

  • New video and pic @ SUAS







  • This is just great--from now on I will look at circling hawks with suspicion, especially the fat ones.

  • The bird UAV and the Deserk Hawk have the same protrusion under the chin.  It is looking very much like a highly modified Desert Hawk.

  • I agree the Desert Hawk is similar looking, except that the wings are wrong, the tail and rudder are wrong, and oh the Desert Hawk is about a 1/3 the size of the one in the photo above.

  • I think Jason has nailed the original airframe that was used for this vehicle.  Comparing the original to the remains in the images above, it looks like the central fuselage was kept, but a new wing and tail were added as well as some cosmetic bodywork to make it look more like a bird.


    This approach of biomimicry reminds me of the mechanical dragonfly and robotic catfish (named "Charlie") the CIA developed during the Cold War.  They were both designed by the folks in the DS&T, IIRC.

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