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3689420157?profile=originalWe've released APM 2.22, which has a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. MAVLink startup is now much faster and will work even if the hardware fails the calibration test. A bug in the driver for the new 5883 magnetometer is fixed. Various (mostly minor) navigation bugs fixed. MAVLink comms are also improved.


It's now available for download via the Mission Planner. Remember to go through the setup process again after loading (always a good idea after loading new code).


For those who need the source code, it's here. The next version of the code, 2.23, will have full camera control (both autonomous stabilization and point-of-interest following and a full suite of MAVLink commands) implemented.


Meanwhile, the Mission Planner continues to improve in leaps and bounds, thanks to the tireless work of Michael Oborne (subject of the next Meet the Developers post). New features that have been introduced in recent versions include:

  • MAVLink logging is now on by default. Every MAVLink connection you make will be logged
  • You can record your video! Just right click on the HUD as shown in the image above.
  • Quadcopter hardware-in-the-loop simulation now works on both Xplane and FlightGear, just like the plane HIL sim
  • Almost all APM and AC2 setup can be done via MAVLink. No need for the CLI switch or DIP switches!
  • Lots of other performance and useability enhancements.


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  • Amilcar,

    Thank you for the reply.  YES! please post the code or send it to me at stafford.irvin@att.net.

  • Irvin: I've reworked that patch and now it's even easier to use.

    There is one parameter CAM_TRIGG_TYPE here you can choose which type of trigger signal to use.

    Then MavLink only has to implement one generic trigger, and the parameter will be used to select the right one.

    The CAM_TRIGG_TYPE is documented in the code, but the latest version is not on-line yet because I do not have commit rigths, but I can send it to you if you want.


  • 3D Robotics
    John, yes, you can use the 1280 if you upload the code from the Mission Planner. If you're going to loading via Arduino, you'll have disable stuff to make room.

    Tridge has posted a tutorial on how to do that here:
  • 3D Robotics
    Veikko: Yes, the relay commands are right in the Mission Planner:
  • 3D Robotics
    Gustav: what do you mean about the Save Log? All logs are now automatically saved. There's no connection between that the 1280 board.
  • Once more, a heartfelt THANKS !!!

    And Michael, can we please have the "Save Log" tab back in in Planner ?

    I don't think that the full potential of the 1280 board has been realized/exploited, a bunch of people are only now getting to grips with the system, and have spent money (due to the improvements in the code, and Mission Planner), so give them/me some bragging space :-)

    Anyway, my 2 cents/appreciation.




  • Hi Chris

    Awsome news and some nice features. As Blake above mentioned. Are guys still able to use APM1280. I cant continue with the new code as it is to large for the APM1280. Which APM2.x would you recommend to stick with for the APM1280 guys. And can you sort out the little bugs for all these guys with APM1280 and APM2.x code.
    I am ordering a APM2560 but would still like to use my APM1280 for something.

    Thanks for all the good work.

  • "The next version of the code, 2.23, will have full camera control (both autonomous stabilization and point-of-interest following and a full suite of MAVLink commands) implemented."


    I opened Parameter based configuration (APM_Camera branch) and I see several references to trigger.  So there is to be a set of trigger MAVLink commands in 2.23.  Is there documentation on their use?  Any idea when 2.23 will be released?



  • Wow.. lots of activity. Any comments on what Blake said yesterday?

    "Chris do you mean just another 2.x release? Would it make more sense to have a new full version (say 3.x) that is for the 2560 with features and the 2.x is froze in terms of features with just bug fixes applied for those of us with 1280's?"

    Since I have been wondering the same :)

  • Developer

    it plays fine videolan. it is a motion jpg stream.

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