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    @christiaan: 0.2V sounds like a small voltage difference, but regulators have low output impedence I.e 200mOhms that would be 1A of current.

    @Stephen: What's the max voltage batt share can take. It's a bit vague. It says 5NiCad or LiPo, but no voltage spec. Also it seems to be designed for Receiver battery redundancy. It's only capable of 8A for the ultra and that would be destroyed by motor current requirements.

    If you want to improve power failure by increasing the ammount of available power, you can put two batteries in parrallel. They must be the same voltage. They will discharge equally. There's no real need, as long as they are both charged to the same voltage, to spend $30.

    @Andrew: some shottcky diodes seems like a good preventive measure for battery failure and current flowing from good battery to the bad one. But how likely is this going to happen?
  • I am questioning using the APM Power module now.  Not really much point when you are not using your main power battery to power the APM.  I will be ordering the BatShare from Smart-Fly - the one for 29.95.

    I have a 1A heavily filtered power supply that I may use instead. 

  • What APM power module are you going to use?

    And what BatShare are you going to use, i see there is 3 types.

  • This will be my layout3692626288?profile=original

  • I have read the manual, but someones picture will give you that light bulb moment.

  • This is the link to the manufacturer of the BatShare.

    In it there is a manual with clear diagrams of how to hook it up.  I am going to use one in my APM setup.  If someone trusts an 10K plane to it that is good enough for my $200 Penguin.
  • @Eagle its a pleasure I was just tired of using one power source and stressing my arse of that something goes wrong.


    @Peter I am finding it hard to picture what your are saying in my head because the batshar pic have posted have 2 inputs and 2 outputs, can I ask you a massive favour and mabey draw it in paint like I did, I have read a bit on this batshare and I think it is the way to go like you say and I would just like to picture a architecture.


    Kind regards


  • Batshare is not a switching BEC Gary. Batshare takes 2 power inputs and outputs it as 1 source. Drawing from both simultaneously, if one battery has more it draws there first, then once both are equalized it draws from both, if one goes lower it draws from higher until back in balance and draws from both. This works on all my $10k Giant Scale Aircraft and I have trusted that level of expense for the past 12 years with devices such as this, I have never lost a Giant Scale craft to battery failure or RX loss, and or servo failure or servo load lockout. Hope this helps clarify, I am not sure  you were pinging me so this is just a reply under-assumption :) you were!

    @Christian, I take 1 batshare with 2 - A123 1100mah 6.6v for 2200mah on input rail, then another batshare on output rail same setup. 2 - A123 1100mah 6.6v for 2200mah. Then I do the same to RX separate of the input and output rails, all my octos, hexas fly this way. I do not do this on Quads, only use 1 batshare on input rail, and share it with RX and APM then on output I use the ESC BEC. That works great on my smaller quads like F450 F650 etc.... Hope this helps....Its pretty simple setup.....very much like yours just instead add in the batshare. They have never failed me, I have one that is over 8 years old paired with a SmartFly system on one of my big birds, never once failed flying a Composite Arf 3.1m SuperExtra with 3W TOC 200 4 cylinder and that plane is well over $8k in the these work very well and the cost is quite frankly peanuts.

  • To prevent unwanted current flows due to voltage mismatch, just put a schottky diode between each power source and the APM.  A small voltage loss will result, but at this current the heat will barely warm a bees arse.  This is typically how redundant charging systems are configured in boats and RV's, albeit in the other direction.

  • What about the 20A ESC that are supplied by 3DRobotics?  All the load 760ma (I measured on my APM1.4) going through one ESC/BEC seemed like a load and fused the ground trace.

    I've thought about creating another power lead from the power distribution board to feed the APM.  I agree if the BEC in the ESC shorts it will take the second BEC with it.  But when your Toast your Toast.   If the BEC is under less load I think that would be better.

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