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APM 2.5 production finally caught up!


This picture is the last of the backlogged APM 2.5 orders going out from the 3DR shipping department. Orders should be shipped within 1-2 days from now on. Whew!

Demand was overwhelming but the 3DR team brought the second Tijuana pick-and-place line up with some state-of-the-art machines and it's finally running smoothly now. The line can now handle 500 APM 2.5 boards a week (in addition to its share of all the other 3DR products).

We're still listing the assembled APM 2.5 boards as shipping within one week (unassembled is 1-2 days), but that's conservative. Most boards should ship within a few days now.

The enclosures are still a couple weeks away. We decided to modify them slightly with a special foam shield for the baro sensor, to protect it from any wind distortion, so it went back for another design rev/test cycle. It will be worth it--you should see much better alt-hold performance with the enclosure on. 

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  • I did just now finally recieve an email sent from Chris Foster from sales@3drobotics.com acknowledging the shipment and request for pin headers to be sent, received 12:38CST.  Thanks again!

  • I would be more than happy to help you troubleshoot your ticketing system.  If you would like to try to send me another email, I can let you know if it was received.  I can even get our network admin involved to know if it hits our smtp server at all.  We have a pretty well ironed email envrionment here, it may be that your emails are going out through an smtp server that is not authorized to send emails for your domain?  Or that your ticketing system is being used incorrectly or is not configured correctly (although i receive the automated ones, so if they're sent from the same source ,that should not be the issue).  Regaurdless, I am willing to spend some time to help you troubleshoot the issue.

  • Thank you.  I appreciate you going through the effort to make sure this was resolved.

  • 3D Robotics

    Hmm. Maybe a glitch in the ticketing system? It looks like the request was properly handled by the team and the ticket was updated with shipment info. Not sure why you didn't get the notice, but it looks like your parts are on their way to you as requested. Please let me know if there are any other issues after you get the shipment. 

  • I checked my junk box, so that's not the issue.  I got an automated response from each of the three emails I sent, but nothing beyond those.


    I did get "Your order has shipped" messages on thursday, however the UPS tracking number resolves to the shipment that went out in august that i received on Sept 7th, so it's an outdate UPS tracking and I never got an acknowledgement of the need for the header pins to be sent with that package...  I was also expecting the arms and uBlox with this latest shipment so I thought it may have been those.  I also got these same notice of shipments on the 4th, twice (with the old UPS code)...  So i've had 4 total notices of shipment with the same tag, 3 of them after the shipment was already delivered.  I received that one package.  I'm expecting arms plus a ublox plus now the pin headers that were not in the original shipment.  If your staff sent any emails other than the automated emails, they did not get to my mailbox or junk folder.



  • 3D Robotics

    Matthew: I checked the ticketing system and it said you had received two replies, and that your replacement parts had been shipped yesterday. Are you sure the replies are not getting caught in a spam filter?

  • Hi Chris,  Yes I received a bare board with no connectors at all, I've sent these messages to sales@3drobotics.com


    Messages were sent on 07Sept12 at 10:21PM, 11Sept12 at 9:36AM, and 14Sept12 at 7:45AM.  (times are CST).  I recieved an email from your automated ticketing system after each email, assuring me a fast response, but I did not hear back from any human about shipping the pins.

  • 3D Robotics

    Mathew:  if you can tell me what email address you sent those to, I can check the ticketing system to see what happened. Are you saying that you got a bare board with no connectors at all? 

  • Hi Chris.  My APM 2.5 didn't come with the straight or angled pin headers that the description describes.  I've emailed your store email address three times about the matter, but have yet to receive a reply over a week later.  I can understand that mistakes happen and that the missing pins were a mistake, but how do I contact your customer service to have these pins sent to me?  When I send 3 emails with no response after more than a week, I have to wonder, do you actually pay your customer service staff?  If you are, maybe you should get some new staff?  I've been trying to get the parts for a quadrotor since JUNE.  I still don't have them.

  • Developer

    Excellent!  Actually I was surprised yesterday to hear that my order was shipping .. I was expecting it to be at least one more week based on past orders.  Great news!

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