APM 2.5 , scary first flight but all is good.


I never do a range check. But when I do, I forget to take it out of range check mode before takeoff.

APM2.5 saved the day and loitered around home until we realized our silly mistake. 

This was our first flight ever with APM. Everything worked nice. Special thanks to Droidplanner app, which talked  to us throughout the whole flight and kept calm when everyone else was panicking. 

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  • Developer

    Nice :)

    But we need to diminish those screen glares the tablets have. The most useful feature in DroidPlanner for me are the voice notifications, for anything else I'm always looking for a shadow (which is hard to find in a plain field).

    Is it possible to do something like Andrew Tridgell did with the laptop (taking out the reflective layer on the LCD) with tablet's LCDs? Probably yes, but first all the hardware needs to be moved to a different place.

  • Congrats! You can use checklist (like on real planes) to remember all steps.

  • Developer

    I've done that too - I had my receiver set to FBWA zero throttle on failsafe, and my plane glided in nicely. It took me a few minutes to realise what had happened!

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