APM 2.5 Showing its True Colors and Fall Colors

Enjoy my explorations with a tricopter managed by APM 2.5.  Having loiter and return to home for flying FPV is the only way to go!  I spent a fair amount of time tuning this summer but if anyone can suggest how to eliminate the slight wobble in forward flight I'd like to know.

The flights are in and around the Central Alaska Range near the eastern edge of Denali National Park (but not in the park).  There are clips from one flight near Fairbanks.

The tricopter is a variant of the design from David Windestal (recexplorer.se).  My next step is to try some photo mapping and find out how various vibration dampening systems work in sub zero temperatures this winter.

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  • BAC, thanks! Glad you like it. Happy to share it with anyone...post away.
  • Thanks! Ah yes, a brushless gimbal is on the list. I do anticipate for next year's video to have one.
  • This was great! But I must suggest that you get a brushless gimbal. It does a world of difference. No wobbles or anything, and a much more relaxed and calm feeling than one gets when the camera is strapped to the body. There is no way around it. Yours is a very good tricopter, but can only come so far without a brushless gimbal.

    Plus, they are cheap now. :)

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