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3689465810?profile=originalGood news: the 3D Robotics store is now offering custom-molded cases for APM 2, in both top-pin and side-pin variety. They're $4.99 each. All new APM 2s now ship with these cases, included free!

They're smokey semi-transparent, so you can see the LEDs through the case. The button on the top connects to the APM 2 reset button. 

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    Gareth: Just smokey gray for now. Maybe other colors someday if there's enough demand. 

  • A second factory... that's great! Congratulations on your success and the great Wired article you wrote.

     ...when the second Tijuana factory opens. 

  • In my current build I’m using external RESET switch and UART0 from the right side of APM2 board, the new APM2 case does not have window for those connections ! I will have to modify the case before using it.

  • The question is, can we different colors? :)

  • 3D Robotics

    APM 2 (unassembled) are available for order now. Orders for APM 2 (assembled) will begin next week, when the second Tijuana factory opens. 

  • Nice. This is a great addition. When will you be accepting orders again for the APM 2?

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