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3689465810?profile=originalGood news: the 3D Robotics store is now offering custom-molded cases for APM 2, in both top-pin and side-pin variety. They're $4.99 each. All new APM 2s now ship with these cases, included free!

They're smokey semi-transparent, so you can see the LEDs through the case. The button on the top connects to the APM 2 reset button. 

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  • The case included
  • I orderd an APM2 a week ago. I hope i get the APM 2s Version....
  • @Manfred: that's a really nice case!  CNC Aluminum?  I made an APM1 aluminum case a few months ago.  I actually like it, it provided some mass to the thing which helped with a vibration damping system.

  • Ah good!  I was just starting to wonder when these were going to be available!

    The cases for the radios will be nice too!

  • Cool, I've just seen you now added the possibility to order even if not available... Will the 3DR cases will be just for radios, or will it be a case that contains both APM and radio? Also it seems the case doesn't have the hole for the 3DR pins.

  • I guess I'll wait for the 3DR cases and hopefully wait till the EU version of the telemetry kit become available again, and then will order all the 3 together. Too bad the e-commerce software doesn't allow to start buying products that are not in stock and have to rely on the email notification.

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    Manfred: cases for the 3DR radios will be coming in a few weeks. 

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    DC: You can already select which case you want when you order that version:


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    Dany: It's mostly for protection. Doesn't affect GPS as far as we've been able to measure. Yes, you do use double-sided tape (or velcro) to secure it to your frame. It's got a nice flat bottom, so that's easy. 

  • Those cases look really great, it protects the AMP2 and it’s much better to mount anywhere with Double Sided Foam Tape to protect against vibrations.

    Hard luck, I had to make my own, what about cases for 3DR Radios?


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