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    I use a splitter cable to allow FTDI to monitor TM or OSD data. Use Tx, Rx and GND only Do not connect +5v. I need to use a USB hub now with all my connections. Remzibi OSD is working as well.3692176442?profile=original
  • Phil,

    Thanks for your help.


    Yes, I'll wait for the release.

    Thanks to you all.

  • 3D Robotics

    Irvin, can you load the standard APM 1.02 code? If so, I'd stick with that for now.


    We really don't want to start doing tech support on APM 2.0 before we publish the documentation. It's a waste of developer time, and just delays the code for everyone else. Can you wait until we release it publicly? 

  • Something's going on with your setup.

    I see

    Binary sketch size: 112154 bytes (of a 126976 byte maximum). It's quite a bit larger than the 1.2 code from memory.


    As for the upload, I just ran a build after doing an SVN update. The upload took a couple of attempts. In the end I repowered the APM in CLI mode and the upload went ahead.


    I suspect your APM is missing the reset coming from the serial port (toggling RTS or whatever they do) so it keeps sending heartbeat messages (or something). You could run a serial monitor program to see what's going across the port. I got one from


    The serial port monitor is useful in pointing the finger when the APM won't talk to the GCS in the way you expect.


    I haven't flown APM 2 yet, but I do have it talking to HK and QGroundcontrol, and APM Planner Mavlink planner. I also had the HIL simulation running, but not with GCS yet. HK, QGC and the planner all claim to be running Mavlink, and using the serial monitor I see messages in Mavlink format so I'm pretty sure I'm running 2.0.

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  • Phil,


    At the end of the compile I got the byte count (94960) with no errors.  When the upload started I did not get the TX/RX led blink.  Only an occasional TX blink and no upload. 

  • What is the svn url for checkout? I promise I wont ask any questions until it's released ;)


    Btw that horizon misconception is EXTREMELY common when viewing a level AH

  • Phil,


    Thanks for the quick reply and the good advice.  I got a good compile.


    I'll download into my plane later and post the results.


    Thank you and all the others that are doing such great work on APM.

  • Did you get the libraries. They're not in the APM repository. You need to check them out from the arducopter repository.

    Also make sure you have Mega 1280 selected.

  • When I attempt a compile of: /svn/Sketchbook/trunk  the Arduino 22 screen goes to the Parameters.h file and highlights:

              'AP_Int16 format_version;

    The bar shows:  'AP_Int16' does not name a type

    Some of the error results are:

    ArduPilotMega:611: error: 'class Parameters' has no member named 'log_bitmask'
    ArduPilotMega:612: error: 'dcm' was not declared in this scope
    ArduPilotMega:614: error: 'class Parameters' has no member named 'log_bi

  • 3D Robotics
    Jimbo: That's what i thought the first time, too, but remember that it's showing the horizon, which tilts the opposite direction as the plane.
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