APM anti-vibration floating plate


It looks nice, so I hope it does the job :-)

Its effectively a floating plate on specific anti-vibration grommets.  The APM then sits on anti-vibration pads.

The jDrones telemetry expansion board is also mounted onto this plate for its close proximity to the APM.

The plates are made from carbon fibre along with the rest of the OctoCopter, all designed in CAD and CNC milled.

The grommets are the same as here:





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  • nice CNC cutting. i would like to buy one but with a rectangular bottom plate for mounting in aircraft for which i have acad drawing.

  • T3

    How well is it working for the new Arducopter code? 

  • MR60
    Nice. As you use onlu silicon dampening, you will filter only high frequencies. I would asvise to raise the plate you made with rubber bobins to filter lower frequencies too. This is also valid for anti vibrations camera mounts. I combined rubber and silicon on mine and it Works perfect: no jello, no vibrations.
    If you build some more I'll buy one. Let us know if you decide to produce them.
  • Thanks Steven...keep  me posted if you do...


  • Thanks guys, yes Euan, this is the second layer raised platform, so there is clearance underneath.

    Marko, I could potentially run some more off if there was enough interest, supplied with anti-vibration hardware etc.

  • Looks Great.. where can I buy one?

  • Do you propose some risers to lift it above the EM noisy components, or is that already accounted for?

    I've got one of these telem boards - theyre great.
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