APM Planner 2.0 RC2 on Raspberry Pi


I just managed to get APM Planner RC2 running on my Raspberry Pi. I have not tested connecting to an APM yet but clicking around in the interface is much more responsive than i ever thought it would be.

Here are a brief instruction:

Install the required packages:
sudo apt-get install phonon libqt4-dev \ libphonon-dev libphonon4 phonon-backend-gstreamer \ qtcreator libsdl1.2-dev libflite1 flite1-dev build-essential \ libopenscenegraph-dev libssl-dev

Clone the repository in your workspace:
cd ~/workspace git clone https://github.com/diydrones/apm_planner

Build APM Planner:
cd ~/workspace/apm_planner qmake-qt4 qgroundcontrol.pro

Run APM Planner:

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  • Thank you so much! I did it! Ubuntu Linux version 15.10 I didn't do permanent installation though, as instructed here: https://github.com/RestlessC0bra/apm_planner I don't know what these values for x and y are supposed to be. If anyone could kindly explain it'd be nice. I managed to do "permanent installation" 5b) though, but an APM Planner icon didn't show up on the sidebar, so i'm guessing that's not so permanent.

  • Hi ! I am new in Raspberry, and I can not install APM,  can someone make an image the SD card vs installed APM?

  • Developer
    Try following this discussion http://ardupilot.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11937
  • Successfully installed qt5 from binaries, but then I found out that I'd need qt5-make etc., so the binaries for qt5 alone don't help. Installing qt5 from source seems to be a major pita, as you can either compile it on the Raspi, which will take sth. like 44 hours, or you can crosscompile it, for which you'd need to setup a virtual environment on your desktop first, and this kind of stretches it for me too much, since I only want to get apm-planner running on the pi.

    Any fresh input on this?

  • Developer
    Follow the instructions here to build Linux. https://github.com/diydrones/apm_planner/blob/master/README.md

    For Pi you need to have Qt5 installed from binaries or built from source.

    master_qt4 is a snapshot in time as we converted to Qt5. It's outdated but will work with Qt4 (but no need, get Qt5)
  • I just tried all this on my dedicated linux box from the terminal and apm planner will not even build in linux. 

  • I keep getting compilation errors of no such file or directory for QtWidgets

  • I am going through and installing it on my raspberry pi right now. I will be putting everything in an aluminum tool box to make it all portable. 

  • @ William Randol

    Thanks! Seems like 2.0.0-RC2 will build natively on either pi with almost exactly the instructions here. Do you mean the latest version of APM Planner which is current on github now? Have you managed to build that like you describe in your post above?

    Seems like that one requires QT5 to get anywhere. Problem is, there are no packages (or weren't last week) for QT5 for the RPi. I had commenced on a little mission to try to build Qt natively on the Pi, but certain of the modules seem hard to find, like QtWebWidgets and QtQuick so that project should get easier as time passes.

    Anyway, the base Qt5 built, on the Pi ok, but that's not enough to build APMPlanner (latest).

  • Just a few notes on this.
    The latest version requires an updates qt here is a forum with info on that.


    Also you need to switch to the qt4 branch before trying to build:

    $ git checkout master_qt4

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